No. 25 (F) Squadron

The Mosquito Years 1943 - 1951





The de Havilland Mosquito NF (Night Fighter) in service with 25 Squadron

RAF Church Fenton: October 1942
RAF West Malling: November 1951

Possibly NF 36 - RL123/ZK-F

Joining 25 Squadron at Boxted - Fred Embleton
I and three other ex aircrew volunteers who had to remuster because of the cessation of aircrew training in mid 1944 were posted to 25 Squadron at Boxted in early 1946 following our Fitters Course at Credenhill. We arrived with great enthusiasm at the prospect of serving on Mosquito's, an aircraft we had "Grown Up" with during our ADCC & ATC visits to our parent airfield at Hatfield.

After a few weeks familiarisation with the aircraft, on the ex USAF airbase of Boxted with all of its comforts, (sheets and pillowcases), it was time to leave in September 1946. We headed the convoy en route to West Malling acting as Mates to the drivers of the Bowsers which displayed "Beware 100 Octane Aero Spirit". The small amount of traffic on the roads gave us a wide berth.

Arriving at West Malling we rapidly grabbed the best "Bed Space" in the super new accommodation, as it happened, next to the WAAF's Block. We threw out our chests when we came upon any "29 Squadron" bods, proudly displaying our 25 Badges which we had all purchased. The George in West Malling. was the "watering hole" for all of the Squadron. The landlord, a publican of many years, always gave us a warm welcome. The Startled Saint with its halo of Spitfires was a non starter. I remember well the detachments to Acklington for Air to Ground firing on the beach at Warkworth. Our Mossies almost stopped when the cannon were fired. Relaxation on a Saturday Evening was the dance in the Mining Village Hall at Red Row, which cost a shilling.

I am not so sure that the weathering of the airframe led to the demise of probably the best aircraft of WWII. I remember the occasion when a 29 Squadron pilot "feathered one prop" and before unfeathering it proceeded to feather his other one. It wasn’t a pleasant site

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Hot Work

All Push!

Pay night - The George
West Malling

A Squadron memory from Dr Frank Coker
Viewing the list of past Squadron Commanders has jogged my memory.  On one occasion in 1943 I flew as navigator to Wg Cdr Maude in his Mosquito when we led the squadron out of Church Fenton in formation and the flanks peeled away in pairs. Later we made a rendezvous to beat up Flamborough Head in line. It was one of the most exciting things that I have experienced in my lifetime - to date! 


Frank asks if anyone has news of Wg Cdr Maude? If you do please use the email form.

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