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The Javelin Years 1958 - 1962





The Gloster Javelin in service with 25 Squadron

RAF Waterbeach: December 1958 to October 1961
RAF Leuchars: October 1961 to November 1962

Contributions to this page are from Pete Goodwin, Roy Evans, Hank Hemmings, Walter Davies and Jim Forbes

25 Squadron Ground Crew - AOC's Inspection 1960

Photo courtesy of Jim Forbes (13th from right - middle row)

Jim Forbes has kindly provided some names of 25 Squadron ground crew from 1960. If you can provide more, please email. Jim is an ex Apprentice, 74th Entry, RAF Halton.

Cpl Pete Symonds. ( Back row standing, 7th from left, right in front of the air intake).
Cpl Bert Bairstow (Far right, front row, sitting on the ground).
Cpl Danny Daniels
J/T Jim Forbes. (First standing row, behind the officers. 13th from the right).

SAC David Kirkman (Jim Forbes's best man when he got married, Jan 62).
SAC Neville Hendy. (Next to Jim Forbes, 12th from the right).
SAC Mick Matthews
George .? (Back row standing, 9th from left, just covering the X of the a/c serial No).


News required of Fg Off Dick, 25 Squadron 1960. Email if you can help.


25 Squadron Ground Crew - Firing detachment, RAF Nicosia July/Sept 1960 Photos courtesy of Jim Forbes

Mick Matthews, Jim-Forbes and A Another

Jim Forbes

Neville Hendy and David Kirkman

Pete Symonds

Video Clips of the Javelin in 25 Squadron Service
These two video clips are from a series of short colour films shot in 1959 by Hank Hemmings of the Javelin in service with 25 Squadron . Hank was an RCAF pilot, seconded to 25 Squadron at this time.

Click the play button twice to start the clip running. Double click the image to play full screen.

Preparation of 25 Squadron Javelin FAW Mk7, XH910 for air firing practice. (No sound). Courtesy of Hank Hemmings.

The clip is best viewed using a broadband connection. The media file size is 3 Mb.
  Air to air video clip of 25 Squadron Javelin FAW Mk7, XH898 carrying out a roll. (No sound). Courtesy of Hank Hemmings.

The clip is best viewed using a broadband connection. The media file size is 1.3 Mb.


Mounting a Firestreak on the wing pylon of a 25 Squadron Javelin, RAF Waterbeach, 1960


Gloster Javelin F(AW) Mk 9's.
Front to Rear - XH768/E, XH882L and XH881/M


A Portfolio of 25 Squadron's (FAW) Mk 9 Javelins
The following portfolio of 25 Squadron's (FAW) Mk 9 Javelins' is thought to be have taken in 1961 at RAF Waterbeach (very possibly). Dates indicate the period when aircraft were allocated to 25 Squadron.  Photos and serials courtesy of Walter Davies.

Javelin Mk9's on 25 squadron strength at this time.
XH767/A   XH760/B    XH884/C    XH898/D   XH768/E   XH771/F   XH772/G   XH883/H  XH880/J
XH770/K   XH882/L    XH881/M    XH769/N    XH776/P  XH906/Q   XH909/R   XH716/W.

XH767/A - 04/12/1959 to 12/12/1962

XH760/B - 03/12/1962 to 03/09/1965

XH898/D - 24/10/1960 to 12/12/1962

XH772/G - 01/02/1960 to 11/12/1962

XH880/JHW - 02/02/1960 to 03/12/1962. Personal aircraft of C.O. Wg Cdr Jim Walton.

XH880/J - 02/02/1960 to 03/12/1962

XH770/K - 03/02/1960 to 12/12/1962

XH909/R - 02/12/1960 to 12/12/1962

XH716/W - Not Known

Two photographs of the Gloster Javelin FAW.9, group photo and Pilot's Notes kindly provided by Peter Goodwin. Peter's navigator at the time was John Galley.

Javelin XH767/A - P.I. sortie over the North Sea from RAF Leuchars - 1961

Javelin XH909/R - Compass swing at RAF Gutersloh while on detachment from RAF Leuchars - 1962

Group photo of 25 Sqn* on detachment to RAF Akrotari, Cyprus, Oct/Nov 1961. Peter is 5th from the right back row.

Javelin Checklist - 'Limitations' Part 1

Javelin Checklist - 'Limitations' Part 2

* Wing Commander Jim Walton commanded the Squadron at this time with Squadron Leaders' Mossman as Flight Commander and Phil Hyson as Nav. Rad. leader.

Loss of Javelin 'Quebec' during Cyprus detachment - 26th October 1961
It was during the Cyprus detachment in 1961 that 25 Squadron lost a Javelin at night over the salt flats 2.5 miles north of RAF Akrotiri when it collided with a 32 Squadron Canberra WD995. The Javelin flew into the rear of the Canberra (Cranberry) while it was reducing airspeed prior to landing. The accident was due to a 'C Scope' break of lock for the Javelin navigator. Unfortunately the Javelin pilot Flt Lt Johnny Morris died of his injuries, he ejected but his parachute failed to deploy as the aircraft was going down. The navigator Flt Lt Roger 'Rocks' Lloyd survived the accident. Flt Lt Morris is buried in Dhekelia cemetery.

Remains of 25 Squadron Javelin XH906/Q
Photo courtesy of David Atkins

Photo shows the remains of Javelin XH906/Q at RAF Akrotiri

Original information regarding the loss of the Javelin has been corrected and updated by Roy Evans. Roy was SNCO i/c bearer party for the funeral of Flt Lt Morris.

Surviving 25 Squadron Javelins
Three Javelins survive that were in service with 25 Squadron :
Mk7 - XH897, Duxford
Mk9 - XH767, Yorkshire Air Museum
Mk9 - XH768, Museo dell'Avizone, Rimini

Web sites with details or photographs of the Javelin in 25 Squadron service:

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Javelin in RAF Service Vic Flintham's site detailing the Gloucester Javelin in RAF Service

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